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Phoenix Reborn <working title> is a multiplayer Cooperative Online Roleplaying Game with the aim to be unique in the genre by featuring  a combat system, which aims to be more dynamic than its competitors by promoting synergy between classical rpg classes and using the environment to your advantage. This means making use of the verticality of the map with strategic vantage points.

Phoenix Reborn uses a skill-based combat system with direct third-person control and deep strategic choice. The game aims to feature small-scale, tactical combat (eg. a ranger arrow shot through a rogue smoke cloud will also blind the enemy when hit)

This is a very early pre-alpha prototype to showcase some gameplay features and mechanics! A lot of features and content are still missing and/or buggy and need tweaks. The graphic and sound design are placeholder.


PhoenixReborn-Windows-PreAlpha-0.1.03.zip 10 GB
Version 4 Jun 05, 2020
PhoenixReborn-Linux-PreAlpha-0.1.03.zip 9 GB
Version 2 Jun 05, 2020

Development log


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Hey Layk, would you mind contacting me on discord? - Katsumotos Rage#3502  - I believe I could help you out with the development!


Is this game dead? 

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Far from it! Sadly as a solo developer this takes time. In the last year i've rewritten the underlying gameplay system to accompany the design goals i have with the game (tactical depth and action combat). Additionally i implemented the basics of the AI.

I've uploaded a new build. But be aware this is still in early pre alpha state (graphics and sound are all placeholder). Alot of content is still missing (different abilities and deep class system). With the gameplay systems finished content creation should ramp up.

Thanks for your interest!


Looks interesting, I'm curious to see it in a more finished state.

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I can't wait to see what this game becomes!